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BayCare Clinic in the News: Is it heatstroke or stroke?

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Dr. Ryan Murphy of BayCare Clinic is interviewed by WBAY Channel 2 News

Dr. Ryan Murphy, an emergency medicine physician with BayCare Clinic, helped clarify the difference between stroke and heatstroke for a health feature story with WBAY Channel 2 News.

The issue concerns some health care experts, especially as the Green Bay area continues to experience high temperatures.

“We do get patients who come in and say, it’s warm out, maybe it’s just a heatstroke, when in fact it isn’t heatstroke. It’s an ischemic stroke or hemorrhagic stroke, which the treatment is entirely different for,” Murphy says.

The story aired on WBAY Channel 2 News. It is available online. Watch the video.

Published: Tuesday, July 6, 2021