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Treating nearsightedness with Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, uses specially designed, FDA-approved contact lenses for temporarily correcting myopia, which is more commonly known as nearsightedness.

BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists offers Ortho-K for patients who want to go without glasses or contact lenses during the day, or who are seeking a safe, non-surgical alternative to LASIK vision correction procedures. People of any age, including children, can benefit from Ortho-K.

Dr. Brad LaVallie and his staff evaluate and fit patients for Ortho-K, which uses specially designed rigid gas-permeable contact lenses to temporarily change the curvature of the cornea. That change improves the eye’s ability to focus on objects, thus reducing nearsightedness.

Ortho-K lenses are most commonly worn at night, while the patient sleeps. They’re taken out when the patient wakes up in the morning and are not worn during the day.

Most people see clearly after the overnight treatment. Studies indicate that Ortho-K can slow – but does not stop – the progression of nearsightedness.

Ortho-K lenses must be worn every night, or as prescribed, for the vision correction to continue. Some Ortho-K lenses are prescribed only for daytime use. Dr. LaVallie and his staff work with patients to determine the best individual treatment plan.

Success requires proper lens fitting, daily care of the lenses, following treatment plans and getting routine follow-up care. As with any contact lens complication, it’s important to be seen and treated in a timely manner.

If Ortho-K treatment is stopped, the cornea will return to its original curvature and the patient will have the same level of nearsightedness as before the treatment.


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