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Thread Carpal Tunnel Release

Pain & Rehab Medicine

Medical innovation from BayCare Clinic

Thread carpal tunnel release, or TCTR, offers patients relief from the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome with no surgical incision. The procedure - developed by BayCare Clinic physicians Danqing Guo, MD, and Danzhu Guo, MD - is known as the Guo Technique.

You can expect the best possible outcome from our physicians knowing that the Guo brothers pioneered this innovative carpal tunnel treatment.

Advantages of our thread carpal tunnel release (TCTR) procedure

  • Minimally invasive with no scalpel or incisions
  • Minimal pain
  • Minimal downtime
  • Performed in office under local anesthetic
  • Minimal rehabilitation
  • Some patients return to work the next day

What our TCTR patients say

Deborah K.

“One of the best medical things I’ve ever been through.”

Mary Beth T.

“Since I’ve had the (TCTR) procedure done, I don’t get that numbness and that tingling in my hands.”

Michelle M.

“Astounding. I was amazed how quickly I could go back to work.”

Andrea G.

“The turnaround was wonderful … I’m really glad I did it.”

TCTR technique and procedure: What to expect

The patient enters the procedure room and made comfortable. A local anesthetic numbs the arm.

Ultrasound technology precisely maps the anatomy of the wrist. It is used to guide a thin needle through the base of the hand underneath the transverse carpal ligament and out through the wrist. Through this needle, a thin, smooth thread is fed.

A second needle is inserted through the wrist in a similar fashion and is guided by ultrasound over the transverse carpal ligament. The same thin, smooth thread is looped out of this needle and out through the original needle site.

The thread surrounds the transverse carpal ligament and is manipulated in a back-and-forth motion to divide the ligament and release pressure on the median nerve.

Once the procedure is complete, the thread is removed and the wrist is bandaged. Some patients need only two small adhesive bandages placed over the needle sites. The entire TCTR procedure often takes fewer than 10 minutes.

A look at the TCTR procedure

TCTR graphic representation
TCTR graphic representation
TCTR graphic representation
TCTR graphic representation


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